Jelly Belly Saltenas
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The salteña is a type of baked empanada. These savory pastries are often filled with beef, pork or chicken mixed in a sweet, slightly spicy or very spicy sauce, and sometimes also containing peas, potatoes and other ingredients. This Junk Foodie re-design uses spice from Red Hot Chips and Jalepeno Jelly Bellies, mixed with tomato ketchup, sweet apple pie crust and zingy Ranch Doritos to create a potato-corn-spicy-sweet interpretation of this classic.

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1 Apple Fruit Pie Top Crust
1 bag Ranch Doritos
1 bag Red Hot Chips
3 packets Ketchup
Handful Jalepeno and Lime Jelly Bellies

Pulverize equal parts Ranch Doritos and Spicy UTZ chips. Miz together with 3 packets of ketchup. Finely chop a few Jalepeno and Lime Jelly Bellies. add to chip mixture, stirring well. Place Apple Fruit Pie shell top from Waldorf Salad recipe crust side down. Place chip mixture on one half of the top. Fold top over to create a half moon/empanada shape. Heat in microwave for 20 seconds. Serve with Jelly Belly garnish.

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